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Financial Basics, Tutorial #1 Stock Market

This video tutorial is available for watching at YouTube or here for free. My YouTube name is Featureman.

Learn first and invest later. You will most likely be investing with a brokerage firm. There are many firms, each with different minimum investment requirements. I use TD Waterhouse. Other major firms are Scottrade, Zecco, Schawb and Fidelity. Search for others also and choose one that suits your own needs. Read the requirements for starting an account. It is possible to purchase stocks directly from some companies (search DRIP investing) but I do not recommend that as an investment strategy. If you buy stock directly from a company and not through a broker, there is one price set for each day of trading. You could not get in or out of a stock quickly.

Be diversified. Do not invest all your funds in one stock. Research information at sites like Yahoo Finance and Google Finance and MoneyCentral.MSN.com.

Do not buy any "sure thing." If there is a buying rush, it is probably time to sell. If there is panic selling it is most likely a buying opportunity. Stocks are only part of your investment consideration. Look also at real estate, tools of your trade and maybe a garden or a collectible hobby. Think of a business you might want to start or a franchise.

Click here for my pick of the week and an updated list of the stocks I own.

Bank For beginning investors I recommend studying stocks and funds at sites like Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. There are many great financial sites on the internet which are like free libraries for you to explore. You do not need a financial consultant if you have the time, patience and a plan to learn on your own. Choose 20 or 25 stocks which you know a little bit about and start by making a free online portfolio and follow the progress of a make believe portfolio online without risking any money.

Dream big, but invest with caution

New car Do not believe any pamphlet which comes in the mail or e-mail pitches about new explosive stocks. There are lots of "Pump and Dump" scams going on everywhere all the time. Much of it is quite legal. Do your own research. Look for stocks which will be around next week, next month and next year with names you recognize. Buy and sell slowly. Never be in a panic mode.

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